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Meet Your Photographer

Meet Your Photographer


Mallory Ann Uzzle is a 26-year-old mother to a beautiful 4 year old girl. Her love of photography started at a very young age when her parents bought her first camera at 12 years old. Mallory took the leap and decided to go full time into photography in January 2018. She trained for a year under under three time winner of Best Photographer of Jackson, Crystal of Crystal Marie Photography. In November 2019, she traveled to New York for the largest photography event of the U.S. for three days to further her education. There were hundreds of speakers and live shooting with professional world-renowned photographers. She has since studied and trained for over 300 hours in lighting from other photographers, educators, instructors and courses. Mallory was nominated for Best Photographer of Jackson 2020 and had work published on multiple photography platforms. Some fun personal facts about Uzzle are her love reading, concerts, traveling, and honestly anything with glitter! Her favorite things are cows, ghost podcasts, cheesy horror movies, candles, live music and art museums. 

"Let me be honest, I fell into boudoir accidently. I had set up a small Christmas mini session in the living room of my very small one bedroom apartment. I had one woman ask if I could do some boudoir for her husband's Christmas gift; and the rest is history! I opening up the studio in Jackson, MS August of 2020 and have been rolling ever since! I love seeing the transformation of confidence and strength these women and men have after their sessions. It's what keeps me going!" - Mallory Uzzle

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